Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nah, Nah, Nah

If you've ever dreaded the idea that the Rapture might come and you wouldn't have the opportunity to thumb your nose at those who aren't swept up to heaven, have I got a website for you.

As Wired reports:

For just $40 a year, believers can arrange for up to 62 people to get a final message exactly six days after the Rapture, that day when -- according to Christian end times dogma -- Christians will be swept up to heaven, while doubters are left behind to suffer seven years of Tribulation under a global government headed by the Antichrist.

"You've Been Left Behind gives you one last opportunity to reach your lost family and friends for Christ," reads the website, which is purportedly run "by Christians, for Christians." The domain name is registered through an anonymous proxy service, presumably to protect the proprietors from the Forces of Darkness, and not because they're up to anything shady.

The e-mails will be triggered when three of the site's five Christian staffers "scattered around the U.S." fail to log in for six days in a row -- a system that incorporates a nice margin of safety, should two of the proprietors turn out to be unrepentant sinners or atheists.

That would be for all you modern Rapture anticipators and Tim LaHaye fans.

via JMG


Steve said...

Since everyone in my day-to-day life is an unrepentant sinner, I may just have them send a note to me. How else will I know that the Rapture has arrived?

Anonymous said...

wow...politics AND religion all at once. You're working without a net, kid.

Jorge De LaRosa IV