Wednesday, June 4, 2008


She's done it now. With her no-hold-barred, give me what I want approach, Ms. Clinton has now painted herself and Obama into a corner. She has blindly lost exactly that which she seems to have desired.

While the rest of the world acknowledged Obama's presumptive nomination and recognized its historical significance, in a bid to get herself the VP slot, she implied the threat of withholding her supporters. "Give me what I want or I will bury you," was the essence of her ploy. She put into play yesterday her desire for a spot on the ticket. Throughout the day she and her surrogates dropped the markers. Then, by not graciously ceding the nomination to Obama in her speech last night, she raised her dagger.

Obama is now in a box. He can't give her the VP even if he wanted to (and really, who would). If he were to offer it to her he would be seen as weak and bowing to her power in the first major decision of his post-primary, Presidential climb. It will not play. It won't happen now.

Perhaps there were back-channel negotiations that failed. Perhaps, as it was reported by some yesterday, he was willing to offer her the VP only if she wouldn't take it. He would then give her a cabinet post or even a Supreme Court spot. Perhaps she said no - I want to be Vice President - and took the nuclear option. Even if that is the case, she is playing the spoiled child and she doesn't have much time to pull her act together. If she doesn't get behind him soon, her supporters may be bitter enough to go to McCain in protest. That need not spell total disaster, but it doesn't help.

She has proven herself no team player at this point and that is ultimately what this is about. Her leverage is disappearing with every second that ticks by and neither she nor Obama benefits from her tantrums and childish demands. Enough is enough.


Baywatch said...

plus, as VP she has all the more reason to orchestrate his demise.

Steve said...

Friends close, enemies closer?

I love the ludicrous noise going on six months before an election. Seriously -- any Hillary supporter who would spitefully support McCain shouldn't be allowed to vote, breed or breathe.

Caprica Six said...