Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hack, Hack

The golden hazy air to which I alluded yesterday has entirely lost whatever small charms it may have had. 800 wildfires, some 200 miles north, that were set off by dry lightning over the weekend, are pouring smoke and particulate matter into the central valley of Cali and essentially shortening we residents' lives, breath by breath. The air is thick with it and now an inversion has only added to our misery.

The warning today was to keep the elderly and kids indoors, change your AC air filters, and find yourself a good diety. The whole thing could last for weeks. Next week could well be worse with the fireworks adding to our horrid conditions.

Summers in this area are bad enough with wretched air blown into the valley from LA and the SF metropoli, but this is just piling on. My throat is scratchy and eyes watery. The kids are coughing. It really is awful.

But boy that sunset is somethin'.

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