Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Flick Of The Wrist

Got me some torn cartilage. That's what the doc says. Five weeks or so ago I was putting a cabinet up in the laundry room. The screws were being obstinate. I was having to use quite a bit of force and the drill was torquing. The next morning my wrist was killing me. When I saw the doc the x-ray showed nothing and it was diagnosed as tendonitis - 4 to 6 weeks for recovery.

Five weeks later and no better. So, at my appointment with the Ortho doc this morning about the knee (remember the knee?) I asked him about it. He took a gander and listened to my story. He ordered an MRI but said based on how long, where, and how it happened he's certain I have torn the TFCC (Triangular Fibro-cartilage Complex). The most common method of doing this is with a fall. The second most common way of tearing it? Using a power drill.

So, assuming the MRI confirms the diagnosis I am up for arthroscopic surgery on the wrist to repair the tear.

I know you are all fascinated by my medical mishaps, but I swear, if I had anything more thrilling to share I would. Just think of the wonderful medical education you are all getting with just a click of your mouse.

Thank me later.


Blaize said...

While I am sorry that you are hurt, I am somehow relieved that using a drill can be so potentially damaging. The reason? I have had carpal tunnel since last November, when I damaged myself by using a hand clippers (wrong tool) to trim my (unruly, woody) wisteria vine. I've had twinges of problems before, but this just really did the trick. It's a wisteria- (or hysteria?) induced injury.

The moral? I went and bought some loppers, like a normal person.

arlopop said...

But if you use the loppers for hand clipper functions can you overdo it?

Curry Favor said...

click of mouse resulted in torn miniscus

lendos_girl said...

Hey, I'm injured here too...how about a little sympathy for the pregnant woman on crutches. All I get at work is mocking since I haven't told them about the baby yet.

Blaize said...

Dude. Don't question the Supremacy of the Loppers. Please. Oh, crap.