Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Things I hope...

I hope the wildfires currently burning far to the west and north of us are out soon. The golden sunrises and sunsets notwithstanding, the haze throughout the hot days is annoyingly creepy.

I hope whomever stole my bike yesterday really needed it and isn't just a piece of shit thief who who heaps misery on others for a living.

I hope that the injuries visited upon us with a depressing regularity of late take a vacation to... I don't know... Washington D.C.

I hope (but certainly don't expect) college education costs take a dramatic fall before my kids get to that age.

I hope the dogs understand the recent lack of walks have nothing to do with our love for them but are only taking a backseat to more pressing concerns.

I hope Curry and his mate are getting some rest now because soon enough, they won't.

I hope we can get through this election year with race only nipping at our heels rather than taking a chunk out of our collective asses.

I hope, I mean really hope, the boy starts pooing in the toilet.

I hope the cat stops heaving hairballs onto my furniture.

I hope hats - not caps - make a comeback for men.

I hope Fresno State cleans house tonight in the CWS.

I hope the little person adding cell after cell within my wife is already happy with its circumstances and knows that when it gets here I will be happy to see him/her.


Anonymous said...

Hey man,
I needed to steal your bike because I'm going green. My hummer was drinking gas like Dean Martin at a Stoli convention. I just wish you'd spent a little more on a softer seat. That's all I got to say.


Anonymous said...

I do

The fetus

Anonymous said...


Curry Favor said...

nada on the sleep since the old dog has had GI concerns every 3.25 hours. I look upon him as some sadist angel preparing us for what lies ahead.