Friday, June 6, 2008

Ladies And Gentlemen

Riotgrrrls celebrate! Break out your Bikini Kill and crank it up! Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains is coming (finally) to DVD. The 1981 cult classic that was the inspiration for so many girl bands and the movement they led (and though he'd deny it, probably a little of Cameron Crowe's, Almost Famous) will be released by Rhino to inaugurate their Rock and Roll Cinema series on September 16th.

Though it never got a theatrical run (it had a poor test in Denver), the movie nonetheless achieved fame through word of mouth and its appearances on the beloved Night Flight. By no means a great film it still stands as a pop culture icon. It features a 15 year old Diane Lane, an even younger Laura Dern (who successfully sued her mother, Diane Ladd, for emancipation when Ms. Ladd refused to ler her do the film) and a host of music icons including: Paul Cook, Steve Jones, Paul Simonon, Fee Waybill and the infamous Black Randy. If you look closely you may see, he of the yellow eyes, Brent Spiner, in an uncredited bit role. It was written by Nancy Dowd (the late 70's version of Diablo Cody and Academy Award winner for Coming Home), and poorly directed by music mogul, Lou Adler.

Perhaps its most-remembered scene is Diane Lane belting out Waste Of Time as the female audience chanted, We Don't Put Out. That scene and others are the reason the DVD has long been pined for. The movie did not so much capture a moment as inspire one and that reason alone is enough to require a re-watching or even a first-time viewing.

It will tickle the nostalgia in most of a certain age, even those who might lack the gene. Eh, RC?

"The making of" mini-doc, parts 1 & 2

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