Friday, June 27, 2008

Scary Music

About a month ago I did a post titled, The Weight. The image I included was of an unusual little box; beautiful, beguiling and with just a hint of dread. That image was of a music box, the design of which was based on one by Philip LeMarchand. LeMarchand is fictional character created by the otherwise abysmal Clive Barker for his Hellraiser. In that fiction LeMarchand created intricate puzzle boxes that when opened invited various demons into our world from hell. It was a clever and frightening concept.

Pyramid Galleries has taken those "designs", added their own extensive histories and flourishes, and turned them into music boxes. The boxes are quite extraordinary and if you ignore the rather spooky nonsense that accompanies them they can be quite lovely objets.

Not cheap - they're around $125 a piece - they are nonetheless stunning.

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