Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hi Yaa!

Story passed along to me by my wife.

Friday she took the kids out to the park for frolic. For a lunch indulgence she went to Costco for the Boy's favorite, hotdogs. As they waited to purchase their meal, she noticed the folks stuck in the ever-present Costco purchase lines being harrassed by a young woman, apparently a Costco employee. She was dressed in a karate gi, her faced painted white with black eyes, and her hair pulled into two pony tails atop her head. The tails were painted black and the rest of her hair painted white. She would approach those poor folks in line and say, with appropriate martial arts moves, "Hi Yaa! Kung Fu Panda tickets for sale! Hi Yaa!" She was incessant.

As my wife and kids sat down to eat their hot dogs, the man at the next table pointed to the girl and said to his young son, "See, that's why you go to college.

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