Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Les Jours Longs, Longs D'eté

Going away for the weekend tomorrow (a rather long weekend if we're starting on Thursday). Interestingly enough we are off to someone's surprise birthday party on Friday, the day after mine - my birthday, that is, not my surprise party. There's nothing that surprises you once you reach a certain age and that certain age I have most definitely reached. But the relative youngster for which this bash is bashing has not yet achieved surpriseless birthdays. So we will wish her well and encourage her to enjoy it now.

Barring any disaster for you or me, we'll see you Sunday with, we hope, a better outlook on things.

Happy Solstice.

addendum: My computer is back; a bad hard drive the culprit. Fortunately, my storage drive was large enough to partition and with a little cloning I'm back in business. And it only cost $120.00.

So that's something.


lendos_girl said...

I am soooo looking forward to getting out of town, definitly need a change of pace! And the boy told me this morning that he couldn't wait to go on the "adventure" tomorrow. Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Glad its all back in operation. BTW, can you b'lieve that Tiger Woods?! I know his knee ain't as bad as yourn, but still, impressive.

Buddy Klugman (no relation to Jack)