Thursday, June 12, 2008

Of God's Wrath

The tornado and its aftermath last night at a western Iowa Boy Scout camp is tragic. With four boys killed and four dozen injured it stands to reason that grief is substantial. I can't imagine the pain the families of the victims are experiencing. I just know that it must be great and my heart goes out to them.

John Hagee (late of the McCain endorsement) and his ilk have made great hay over the tragedy of New Orleans and Katrina. They have said, both explicitly and implicitly, that it was God's punishment for the crescent city's support of homosexuality.

I just want to know why the Boy Scouts, who have gone to court to keep gays out of their organization, would suffer God's wrath as well. Could it be that support or condemnation of homosexuality has nothing to do with these disasters? Is it possible that the deaths, injuries and horrors experienced at both locations are just random natural acts, Mr. Hagee?

Just curious how you will justify this pain. Let me know.


Anonymous said...

a sincere question: Why does this (hagee, etc.) bother you? Again, I'm not being a wise guy.

a. nonymous jr.

arlopop said...

His ministry is large. His influence substantial on those who follow him. His words divisive and unsubstantiated.

But mostly, his claims of knowing the mind of God. That strikes me as rather blasphemous. Were he to suggest this as a possiblity it would be one thing, but he says it with the certainty of one who knows.

But really, I never said he bothered me - I just asked him a question.