Monday, June 23, 2008

Left Our Hearts...

A full weekend had by all. Much vino, much laughter, much perspective. We have returned to the Bay too infrequently over the last couple of years and it was grand to see everyone. A group dinner on Saturday with RC and her ageless mate. Their son has grown to NBA point guard height and looks as if he isn't finished. The Wiley ones were in attendance with their growing boy. We discussed that boy and ours forming a Boy Band - they have the charms - in order to supplement our retirement. The boys seemed sadly disinterested. Perhaps age (3 and 6) is a factor. No band names were proffered but I suggest, Boys 2 Older Boys.

We missed G&V as they were in Hawaii celebrating the end of Beach Master's long bachelorhood (nuptial congrats, Dave). G&V had offered the use of their lovely guest house for our stay, but we opted out due to the discomfort of having our two toddlers destroy it without letting the owners watch the horror.

We stayed at the Omni in SF and can only say that if you visit the City and have the misfortune of not crashing with residents, the Omni is Da Bomb. Best hotel I have stayed in for a long time. Great location, stunning service, and priced less than mediocre mid-range lodgings. It lived up to its recently aquired rep as best luxury hotel in SF (3rd best in the US). The milk and cookies at bedtime for the kids were a nice touch.

The surprise birthday party on Friday was filled with more surprises than we expected and provided a load of perspective for all. The Boy spent the affair bouncing on their "jumpoline" and still hasn't recovered. The Girl just let herself be adored.

Breakfasted Saturday morn with the Three Ds and discussed the previous evening - stunned. Little D is becoming quite the young lady.

Dined on Thursday night with Flodo, L, and Bina. Aside from the big black eye she sported (and of which much sport was made) L seemed happy. Flodo was lithe (how do you do that, old man?), and Bina was all grown up (once again Bina, try not to tell the people who lovingly raise you that they suck).

The whole trip was blighted by unseasonable heat, but by Sunday morning the city was foggy and cold again - just the way I like it.

All in all, a pleasure and only wish we could do it more often.

Wow, all apologies for the style of this post. I was apparently channeling Rona Barrett. It will never happen again.

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