Monday, June 23, 2008

Time Of Your Life, Eh Kid?

What's on my mind is, of course, reflected in my blog. It's only natural. The same goes for my weekly polls. Usually, I come up with the poll when I am writing up the results of the previous week. I vacate my mind - "not so hard in his case," I hear you saying - and whatever is there pops up for the poll.

Last week's poll regarding quantities of spawn was like that... except that it didn't come from a vacant mind. It came from a mind massively overstuffed with panic and no place to put it. So it ended up in a poll. That panic was derived from news delivered to me that weekend by my beloved. It was a Father's Day for the ages.

So, we are expecting our third (AND LAST) little bundle come February. By that time I will be happy about it. For now, I am merely resigned.

As Padre Mark once said, "Two's a family, three's a rodeo."

I am so going to need a new saddle.


Steve said...

Mega huge congrats. And now you can upgrade to that Escalade you've had your eye on, as there's no way three children can travel in a mere Camry!

Seriously, that is the awesome.

Hipster Pit said...

SADDLE UP! Congrats!

Curry Favor said...

breeder! congratulations