Friday, August 8, 2008

Pee King

The Boy has recently developed an interest in body parts. He has questioned me regularly about where pee comes out (for boys at least, it's the original streaming entertainment). I have explained it to him repeatedly using the proper anatomical terms. The other day he asked me how his mommy peed. I told him just like he does. "But she doesn't have a penis," he observed. I then explained to him that he was correct but that she could still pee with what she had. I went on to inform him, as much as was needed, how that worked.

This morning he confronted his mother: "Does your pee come out of China?" he asked. "What?" she responded. "Your pee. Daddy says it comes out of China," he explained.

Sometimes words just don't translate well to toddler speak.


Baywatch said...

pee king. peking. vagina. china.

oh. this is good. and timely.

Baywatch said...

sometimes it takes me awhile to get these things.

Anonymous said...

He IS the pee king.

rhonanon said...

Well, does it?