Friday, August 29, 2008

The Vice Presidential Nominee

Sarah Palin's credentials...

She has seen enough to make the tough choices - to stand up to special interests. In 2002 she made a bold decision (and her fearlessness regarding word definitions [pedestrian = snowmobile]works well - like say for "torture")...

A group of neighbors with homes east of Lake Lucille attended a Wasilla city council meeting on Monday to speak out against a multi-use trail that would connect Wasilla Lake with Lake Lucille and route snowmachine traffic through their neighborhood. Mayor Sarah Palin said Tuesday that their opposition won't change a decision by the city council to construct the trail along the city's right-of-way.The trail will be used by pedestrians, but the ordinance designating the trail -- which the city council passed unanimously in July 2001 -- includes a section that defines "pedestrian" as including "snowmobiles, between December 1 and April 1 when the trail is snow covered."

"We don't want snowmachines to be tooling around in downtown Wasilla," Palin said. "The whole purpose of this has been to get snowmachiners out of town.

She has faced tragedy and crises with strength and leadership as in 2002...

WASILLA -- A Wasilla man escaped serious injury Monday after an Alaska Railroad train engine hit the Suzuki Sidekick he was driving at the railroad crossing on Knik-Goose Bay Road -- just south of the intersection of the Parks Highway and Main Street.According to a press release from the Wasilla Police Department, the Sidekick's driver, Sergei Fedotov, 61, of Wasilla, received minor injuries to one knee and declined medical attention.

The accident was brought up at city hall when Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin gave her report to the city council at its meeting that night.
"The train won," Palin said.
"They always do," said council member Noel Lowe.
After the meeting Palin spoke briefly with the Frontiersman.
"Talk about a close call. This scares the crud out of me," Palin said.

She too has a vision for us, a grand dream for our country...

Palins dream: Opening up the country

Two years ago, when Wasilla was the apparent winner in the lawsuit the city filed against Gary Lundgren, Mayor Sarah Palin read a part of the ruling at a city council meeting and said the land acquisition would "open up the west side of Wasilla."

"This administration can't take credit for brain-childing it," Palin said of the plan. She credited the late Jack Felton, a Wasilla public works director, for having the Church-to-Mack plans "on-the-shelf" even before she came into office.

The current plan is to build the city-funded sports arena there, which Palin called the "anchor tenant" for the area. Contractors have already started to do soil testing and surveying chosen for the arena.

In court documents from city's lawsuit, the city claims to have spent $95,000 to clean up an old dump in the South Church right-of-way and another $585,000 in construction and design for the road.

She's a sporty patriot as evidenced by her children's names...

Wasilla's mayor gives birth
WASILLA The population of the city of Wasilla edged up by one on Monday, when Mayor Sarah Palin gave birth to a daughter, Piper Indi Grace Palin, at 11:37 a.m.

Piper joins her brother, Track, and sisters, Bristol and Willow, in the growing Palin family. Reached at home Wednesday, the baby's father, Todd Palin, described his youngest daughter in two words: "just perfect."
Palin said Piper's name was in keeping with Alaska and sports theme names she and her husband have given their children. Besides, "I've always loved the name Piper," she said. Indi isn't just a snowmachine name, but an abbreviated form of "independence."

Todd Palin revealed the meaning behind another part of the youngest Palin's name. Grace, he said, was "for the grace of God." The mayor said the busy family was going to slow down and "savor" the first few days with Piper, because after three children they know how special and fleeting time with an infant can be.

She can wow them with oratory...

MAYORAL AWARD -- Wasilla's Mayor Sarah Palin is receiving an honor for the "Longest Sentence Award." Her recent Spectrum article showcased an incredibly complex 85-word sentence. This is a feat deserving of reward. Adjectives were plentiful, along with a complete collection of commas, verbs and nouns. The MOUTH would love to quote it again but it would take up half the paper.

Come November, your choice could not be clearer.

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