Thursday, August 28, 2008

Step By Step

When the Boy started walking some two years ago it was rather abrupt. He just got up one afternoon and though wobbly, he started walking. By the end of that week he was no longer on all fours - his knees began to heal. It happened so quickly that we assumed he had been secretly practicing in preparation for his big debut. We also assumed that was the way with all kids.

The Girl has just taken her time about it. I believe the word is obstinate. She stood up and took tentative steps two months ago - one, maybe two at a time - before returning to hands and knees. Despite all manner of coaxing she would not do more. As time progressed it became two or three steps, but again, no more. She was thoroughly unsteady and ate hardwood regularly. No doubt discouraging. She co-opted the Boy's plasma car for forays on the back patio - cheating I called it. It made roughing up the knees or slamming her ass on the concrete obsolete. She would ride wherever she wanted to go - sort of like a one of those street weasels that seniors ride. But it did her no good in the house and when we began to drop the hammer by informing her that transportation from point A to point B was her responsibility she saw the peculiar efficiency of bipedal motoring.

So this week she has taken to serious toddling. Arms splayed, she wanders the house most of the day, occasionally carrying a toy or water cup. Her pride is mostly subdued despite our constant praise. It's just more work to her - "I'll walk, but I won't like it."

She has yet to discover the inherent advantages to self-transport. No longer dependent on us for swift transport, she will soon discover how unnecessary we are, which of course will lead to her substantial use of the word "No." That in turn will lead to time-outs wherein she is dropped into a chair and forbidden to motor anywhere, thus making the newly acquired act of walking pointless in her eyes. No wonder childhood is confusing.


margaret.wylie said...

YEA! It's the return of the "Street Weasel"!


Bluestem said...

Wrong milestone, but do you remember the very old Peanuts strip where Lucy hands a sitting Linus a cookie and he falls over? I used to think they were kidding.