Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Child, The Smartass

Trying to keep the boy from getting distracted, as he is apt to do. I lead him into the bathroom to go pee. Upon arrival he turns on me:
"I want to go pee all by myself."
"Ok. I won't help at all," I answer as I stand and wait.
"No, all by myself," he says adamantly.
"Oh, do you want me to leave?" I ask.
Hands on hips he answers sarcasticly, "As in 'all by myself?'"

Exit one father.

Smart mouth. He must get that from his mother.


lendos_girl said...

Oh no, you are not going to pin this one on me. This is all your doing, as in all by yourself.

someone_from_missouri said...

I read in the New England Journal of Medicine that the trait of being a smart ass comes from the paternal grandmother.

Slick said...

Too funny.

Kids learn quick!