Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Need The 411 On 911

Ahh, Floridians. Those folks that made a mess of the 2000 election seem to be having trouble with the rules for 911 calls.

First there was the guy that called 911 when Subway didn't put any sauce on his Italian Meat Sub.

And now there's the guy that called 911 because a slot machine stole his money.

Apparently "emergency" means different things to different people.


Steve said...

As always, I blame Flavor Flav.

Man, is there anything that makes you feel older than hearing some 20-something-year-old say "Flavor Flav was a rapper?"

arlopop said...

I had a pal, Kirk, that I used to work with when I lived in Des Moines. Our relationship like many others in my life was founded on a mutal love for music. Anyway, one night, Kirk was bored and decided to go out. He ended up at the Safari Club, the nearest thing Des Moines had to a "hip/alt" club. While some band played away on the stage Kirk tied one on. Eventually he made his way back to the pool tables and started shooting a game with some young poseurs. They made small talk and names were exchanged. Kirk told them his name was the Reverend Al Green. They were stunned and amazed that a man of the cloth would be hanging out in the club. "Dude, it's so cool that you are here - and playing pool too!" For the rest of the night they introduced him to their buddies. "Man, this guy is a Reverend." At which Kirk always added, "THE Reverend Al Green." No one ever got the joke.

As Kirk said the next morning, "Idiots with no musical history. No wonder I took them for thirty bucks."