Thursday, August 21, 2008


The Murano drove away with a stranger today. The lucky winner was a fine young man from Los Angeles, though he was born in Cameroon. He had called from Baltimore earlier in the week and told me he would be returning to LA yesterday. He was very interested in the car. I said that if it was still here I would be glad to sell it to him.

The ad drew them from all over the country. I had to call a young woman in Idaho after he drove away to tell her not to book the flight in to buy the car. I had to call the young man from NYC to tell him not to send his cousin down from Sacramento to look at it for him. I had to email the couple in Reno to tell them the car they were interested in is no longer on the lot. Since when do people fly in to buy cars? I know I priced it to sell - I didn't want to still be doing this two months from now - but it isn't like I was giving it away. Anyway, the buyer had always wanted a Murano and now he has one. Happy Day for all.

But I was sad to see it go.

As the new buyer sat in my dining room, arranging with his insurance company for coverage before departing, my phone rang. It was another potential buyer:
"Hi, I'm calling about the Murano?" she said.
"Yeah, sorry, but I just sold it. The buyer and I just finished the paperwork," I informed her.
"You were supposed to sell the car to me," she snapped in what I assumed was humorous, mock indignation.
"Sorry about that," I offered.
"Great. Thanks a lot. Hope he enjoys his new fucking car!" she growled and then hung up.

The possibility of dealing with more folks like her for a couple of months is exactly why the car was priced to sell.


Anonymous said...

Wow, hope that last caller doesn't write your obit.

Morty Schmeltz

Steve said...

Maybe that last caller was just more committed to the bit than you were?

Dude, you've been pwned!

Baywatch said...

do you still have her number? we should stalk her.