Friday, August 8, 2008


Now that Edwards has admitted it, I can freely run my mouth.

What the hell is it with these guys? Is it stupidity or arrogance or what? From Gary Hart to Bill Clinton to John Edwards, it seems that libido trumps wisdom. Whether or not the personal life of a candidate should have any bearing on their ability to lead is open for debate, but the fact of the matter is, to most people in this country it does. These guys knew this. So why in the world would they risk everything for a little tail.

Personally, I couldn't care less who Bill diddles in the Oval Office. I have no interest in Monkey Business. Edwards can screw whomever. But the opposition is going to find out and they are going to bury you and any good ideas you might have will go with you.

Clinton's issue was, and perhaps remains, pathological. As much as he might rail against the right for their part in the Lewinsky mess, he knew from the get go that they were targeting him. Why give them the gun and ammo?

Hart dared the press - actually dared them in '87 - to dig something up. Guess what? They did. As a result, he and the only good chance to undo Reagan became a historical footnote. A friend of his at the time said of him, "It was as if he was writing with lipstick on a mirror, 'Stop me before I fuck again!'"

Edwards never made it to the nomination but when he was screwing around he was still in the game. Did he imagine it would stay on the Q-T? Hello!! You're running for president. Holy crap! The National Enquirer got the story. I'm sure the right had it as well, but kept it under wraps just in case he got the nod. It would have made a nice October surprise.

Power brings its own perils and temptations. None of us are perfect. But geez, can't you keep it together? Can't you hold yourself in check for the sake of the agenda? Morality aside, is there any common sense floating around?

The right has more than its fair share of this nonsense, and it is usually worse because it's drenched in hypocrisy. But the left is just plain stupid and really, regardless of good ideas, great leadership or genuine progress, candidates that are so oblivious to the stakes involved and the risks their teenage boy-like actions pose for our future have no place in office.

I'm no prude, but this has got to stop. Get laid or get elected - it's time to choose.

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Steve said...

Oddly, in my mind Gary Hart was a much better looking fellow than he is in actuality. Saw him on some news show last year and thought he looked like a red-faced freak. Apparently, he always has.

Donna Rice v. Fawn Hall v. Jessica Hahn. Discuss.