Monday, August 4, 2008

Such Great Heights (Of Irony)

Has anyone else noticed the peculiar irony inherent in the ubiquitous UPS, whiteboard ads that are soundtracked with a popular song by a group called Postal Service?

Ben Gibbard's royalties notwithstanding, I was just curious.


Steve said...

And Gibbard double dipped by allowing both the USPS and UPS to use his music. I believe the USPS may have gotten to do so for free under some sort of name trademark agreement with Gibbard's plinka-plinka project. If only there were some simple way that I could verify this with just a few clicks of the keyboard, bt the humidity is making me extra sluggish....

I can never see a whiteboard without saying a little prayer for Russert. [/vomiting]

arlopop said...

that's touching