Monday, August 4, 2008

Midwifery, Volume 1

Threepeat, face forward

Friday marked the first visit to the midwife. All's well with threepeat - two legs, and face intact. It was kicking and fluttering like a beast, promising a busy and pokey pregnancy. Assuming you don't have an Uma, Blue-Cowgirl thumb, threepeat is about as big as yours.

The Boy was entertained and occupied by the classic inflated rubber glove, but felt misled and somewhat bitter when we left the office without a new baby. Seems he misunderstood mom's explanation of the visit and assumed we would be picking up a new infant. He wandered the office demanding to know which room stored the babies. When informed that the baby was in mommy's tummy, disbelief ruled. "It not in there. That's silly," he claimed. The Girl couldn't have cared less about leaving without an extra personage, perhaps because her status will soon enough be usurped by the interloper.

The Mrs. is still suffering from nausea. The Boy caused her substantial nausea but for a shorter time. The Girl led to queasiness, less severe, but well into the second trimester. This one seems to be a little of both. She seems to be getting a little better, however.

My queasiness continues.


lendos_girl said...

Ain't he cute

lendos_girl said...

P.S. You should try a Diet Sprite and a bowl of Lucky Charms (separately, don't put the Sprite on the Lucky Charms) for that nausea.

Curry Favor said...

is a thumb about the size of a peanut? i best operate with food/legume/veg comparisions.